Weekly Quote 35/52

Everybody talks about wanting to change things and help and fix, but ultimately all you can do is fix yourself. And that’s a lot. Because if you can fix yourself, it has a ripple effect.

-Rob Reiner

We all want to help others. We all want for others to feel good. To be happy.
Often we take our own happiness away in order for other people to be happy.
But it is never a good idea to let your happiness be defined by another person. Because if that person leaves, what will you have left?!
It is good to share happiness with other people. You can laugh alone but laughing together with others is more fun.
We all have those moments in life where we feel messed up. Where it seems like everything is going wrong. Where everything you do is wrong.
But the thing is … we all have those moments. This should in no means tell you to be fine with it and just suck it up. You should just know that you are not alone.
We are all together in this. Life just comes with all it bad moments. And some of us have to experience them more than others.
But in the end we are all a little messed up.
And it is good that even though you feel bad; you try to help and fix others. Through all your own misery you find the strength to be there for others.
But sometimes you just got to be there for yourself. And yourself only.
You tell other people to “be strong”, “hold on” “it gets better” and what not … but how can they believe in your words if you don’t believe in them yourself.
Maybe some people will believe you and take advantages from your words and that is good … you have made a small difference. And that is all we seem to be talking about these days, that we want to change things, to help and fix.
But why don’t we try to make a bigger difference. And start with trying to fix ourselves.
And it is not like a math problem, there is not only one solution to fix the “problem”. Because we are human and human beings are more complex than that.
We all have different battles to fight. And most of the time there isn’t even a real “solution”. But life is not about being happy all the time, it is about having happy moments,  memories.
Find things that make you happy. Things that will brighten your day.
It is just in general being able to live a life where the good moments seem to brighten the darkness of this world. Even if it is first of all only your own small world.
To start a fire, you need to start with one stick. Be that stick. Start your own small fire. Start believing in the words you offer others for support.
Only if you start believing in your own words you can give them to others. Through fixing yourself you can try to fix others as well.
That is the difference you can make in this world. It is hard to help others through a wall of tears, isn’t it?
If we can’t even see our own path how can we lead other people along their own paths.
Be the first stick to a fire in this world of darkness.

See you soon at our next destination!

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