Weekly Quote 36/52

We tried a thousand times, he said, ‘let’s try a thousand and one.
–S.M. Pastore

This can count for anything. It may be the smallest thing or the biggest thing.
If there even is something as a “small thing”. As long as it matters a lot to yourself, it is always a big thing.
Don’t be ashamed to feel bad about something because in comparison to someone else you seem to have a “minor problem”.
All problems are problems. And if something makes you feel bad … it is of great importance!
Don’t let yourself be told otherwise. And if something makes us unhappy we have to work on it, try to change what is bothering us.
Often we will feel like everything we do is wrong. Like everything we do turns out in a bad way. And no matter what we do it all seems to get worse.
Try once more.
Maybe it won’t be better right away but there is always another chance. Another chance to try and maybe this time you will reach what you are working for. You won’t know if you don’t try, do you?
Just don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking it is easy. Almost nothing of great meaning is easy, isn’t it?!
For instance: We all have things that we are not so good at. Things that we have to work on in order to get better. Or if we want to or have to learn something new, e.g. a language, it is hard.
But not giving up is important. The roads that are difficult will lead us to some of the best things.
And succeeding is not about; all at once being perfect.
Because as simple as it is, there is no perfect. Nobody is perfect. So are you not perfect.
But life should not be about big perfect steps, it should be about tiny steps.
Life is a maze. You have to take spins and turns. Rocks will define your path.
And sometimes you will get lost in that maze.
Anyone who succeeded in one way or another made their own small steps. And those steps do not always lead you in the same direction.
Sometimes you will have to realize that you took a wrong turn that led you away from your original destination. And often something good results out of that.
Because sometimes another perspective will lead you closer to what you are trying to achieve.
But sometimes you will also get so lost that you see no way out.
You will probably feel like you want to quit. But that is not a solution. You won’t just fall off that maze. And although it may seem like the easiest solution to you, to end it all, what is it to others?!
The maze has no open ground that will just swallow you in, other people will have to step other you and some people will get stuck on that. You will get rid of your own heavy backpack but someone else has to take it on. You will only transfer your problems on to others.
And although it may seem to you like you have lost all sight of your path, why not find a new one.
It is not about always going in the same direction; it is about always going further. It is about getting up once again when you have crashed once again.
There will be periods in your life where it all seems to be “once again”. But maybe those words should be what we want to achieve.
“After he had crashed he got up once again. After she cried for so long, she learned to laugh once again …”
No matter how hard it may seem, try again. What is where to lose if you know that you have tried your best to achieve something.
Life is about more than just only second chances.

See you soon at our next destination!

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