Weekly Quotes 37/52

By swallowing evil words, no one has ever harmed his stomach.” –Winston Churchill

Actions can hurt. But one of the best weapons is words. You never know how much you can hurt someone with what you say.
To you it could be five seconds that happened during your day, to the other person it could be five seconds that repeat themselves over and over in their heads.
It could be words that seem meaningless to you while to them it means everything. (positive & negative.)
There are so many words that can hurt us. And often we listen so long to the negative words of others that we start to believe them.
That is just how our brain works. Even if there are five people who say something nice and there is that one person who says something bad we somehow believe the person who is on their own.
We start convincing ourselves that the other people who said something were just being too polite or too afraid to speak the truth.
We have this sick worldview where we only see the bad things. It has become so natural to read bad words that we feel like that is how life works.
Although that would be quite easy, it is not something that you should be looking for.
It is so sad that optimists are often put off as being naïve.
What is optimism? Most people would answer this question with “the feeling that everything is going to turn out well”.
But to me optimism is about seeing both sides and most of the time it would be easier to just say “it won’t work out” and still trying the best you can.
If all we do is say, it won’t work out, as stereotypical as it sounds it probably won’t. If we convince ourselves to not believe in a good outcome why should we (subconscious) do everything to make it work.
Both sides, being an optimist versus being a pessimist have good and bad sides.
For instance if you are an optimist the chance of getting disappointed is on a quite high level.  But on the other hand I think people who have an optimistic view on things are also more likely to be happy.
Often there is a thin line between optimism and pessimism and most people are both.
And sometimes people are just really good at pretending and through optimism try to convince themselves of a good outcome.
And it is a good strategy. While there are all those people who are telling bad things until we start to believe them, why don’t we say good things until we believe them.
It would be delusional to say that everything is going to turn out great, because that won’t happen. But the people who are the happiest are the ones that have fought against the negativity. They are the ones who did not give up. Who got up again after crashing so many times.
They are the ones who have learned that not everything can be good at a time, but have become so far to see that often the small things are those that count the most.
We all make mistakes and mistakes are things that we made wrong. Things we have failed at. But that doesn’t have to be bad.
We have more than one chance and as long as we see that it is a mistake and that we have done something wrong you have learned a lesson, which means that the mistake has not been an error.
The rates for bullying are really high and have always been but nowadays bullying has reached such high dimensions through the media.
Nowadays everyone has the power over other people. Vou don’t notice how you affect the people you are writing things about, do you?
We have become such cowards, haven’t we? Hiding behind our phones or computer screens, too afraid to form criticism in a way we could actually say to other people face to face without hurting them.
Because to some dimensions criticism is good, we can learn and grow from it.
But you can’t learn from “too fat/too skinny/ too ugly” …
Think before you speak.
If you wouldn’t want to hear the words you want to say being spoken about you … don’t say them.
Especially in the younger ages people seem to have this impression that being mean is somehow cool.
It clearly isn’t.
Thinking of it how many people have (tried) killed themselves due to words being spoken against those words that have not been spoken.
Often people see something wrong in being silent, they try their hardest to fill the silence with words. Words that often don’t need to be spoken. Why is it so bad to rather be put off as being too quiet than being too loud.
Don’t listen to the words. Most people who speak bad about you are for some reason jealous.
Try to make a difference. There is already enough negativity out there!

Speaking of it that is also one of the reasons we started these weekly quotes.
We hope to inspire people to start seeing different views on topics.
We want to spread positivity in this world where negativity seems to overweigh. We would like you to see the good in life. To be (more) happy.
Spread the word. Together we can change something!

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