Weekly Quote 38/52

If I waited for perfection… I would never write a word.

Margaret Atwood

Life   In life
There is no perfect beginning. As there is no perfect anything.
But still all we do is strive for perfection. Which is to some part admirable but on the other hand we can’t search too hard for it. If we only would be content if something was truly perfect in all matters we would never get anything done. To look at the definition of “perfect” –  entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings.
Without any flaws … is that even possible? The correct answer to this is no.
Because of our differences we all have different definitions of what can be considered as perfect and what not. And in the end although something may seem perfect to you it won’t be the same for each person. No matter what … someone of those billions of people out there will find a flaw.
Which is speaking of it not as bad as it seems.  
Our human nature has this urge for everything to be perfect. One of our biggest passions seems to be comparison.
Comparison is also the case in which imperfections show the most. It is what defines us.
To name just one of many examples you could name in with context. There are situations in life where we feel happy and content with what we achieved and how we have come.
Until we look at the people around us and someone has achieved a higher level than you have judging from your own perspective.
And that is what it is all about, perfection is all about perspective.
Someone who always gets the most isn’t automatically the one who is closest to perfection. In fact a person who owns their imperfections ,and still through it all tries to do the best they can, is probably a few steps closer to perfection.
To get back to the point of comparison, comparison comes with two sides, the good one and the not so good one.
If you take a look at many statistics, people have shown to be better when they are fighting against someone else. It is good to try our best whilst we are for instance training for something, but we will in most cases be a bit “better” (faster …) when we have someone we can compare our self to.
So on the one hand we can grow from comparison but on the other hand we are so easily manipulated by it. We can get so vulnerable because we don’t stop at nearly good!
No matter how hard we tried and how far we have come, we will still want more.
And that ruins our happiness. If we are never content with what we have been able to achieve, how can we be happy?
There is one thing we should never forget.
It lays not in our human nature to always be perfect. People fail! And we have to accept that. Actually you can learn way better from mistakes you have made. Mistakes are what make us better people.
We should embrace our imperfections. They are what make us unique. Flaws can be the best thing about someone.
And that doesn’t mean that we should stop at just average for example. It just means that nothing you do will suit every single person. And sometimes you just need to go with what makes you happy!
And sometimes that means to stop searching for the one true solution, stop searching for the one perfect.
In the end what matters most is that we are happy or at least content with our own decisions, what matters that for you it is good enough!

See you soon at our next destination!

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