City Impressions~ Thessaloniki, Greece


Hello fellow Globetrotters!

Almost exactly one year ago, so in Autumn of 2015 I visited the Greek city Thessaloniki for a week together with my father.
I had already been to Greece the year before but that time I spent my holiday on Chalkidiki, which we visited again this year so there will also be a post about that.
Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece, also known under the nickname of simply Salonica, so don’t be confused if you ever get the chance the visit (happened to me at first).
One of the main features of the city apart from the Port is the Aristotelous Square, which is located directly in the city center.
At every time of the day you will see many people on there and apart from small shops you can find a lot of Cafés on the square.

Lonley Planet describes the city as “Thessaloniki is fuelled by optimism, hedonism and just a dash of chaos.”-

Which in my opinion describes the atmosphere of the city perfectly, you can find almost anything in the city.
For those people with histrical interests the city is filled with monuments and museums.

The ‘White Tower’ is Thessalonikis most famous landmark and you can hardly find a postcard without it.

Here you can see again the Aristorelous Square with the Upper City in the background, which shows the disparity in the city.
The further away you are from the seaside and the city center, you can really see the poverty of the city.

What I took away from my stay in Thessaloniki that you should explore the see both facades of a city and to not only see things as a tourist.
As always, we hope you enjoyed this and are looking forward to seeing more of the city and some other Greek parts.
Have you ever been to Greece?
See you soon at 0ur next destination!

x Lenja

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