Weekly Quote 39/52

“A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

–John A. Shedd

We all need a place or a person that we can refer to as “home”. We need something that we can depend on.
Most of the time we only we start to notice what truly is important to us, when we lose something else that had a great impact on our life.
Our feet stumble over the stones that suddenly appeared everywhere, our path that once seemed so clear is now a winding road that we no longer see the destination of.
We get so caught up, in believing that we need a certain thing that we are too scared to lose sight of the shore that used to be around our life.
Change – Why is it that we are so scared of this six letter word?
One possible definition of the word change is “to become different”.
We are so scared of change because while we get fixed on the thought that things could change for the worse, we forget, that everything could also change for the better.
I agree, change is scary. And we shouldn’t take everything on the light shoulder and never expect anything bad to happen to us.
Because that would lead to us being too delusional and not realizing that we could crash.
But at the same time we shouldn’t forget the positive aspects, such as the better outturn or that only through changing we can learn and grow.
If everything always stays the same, so there is no change, it won’t suddenly be what makes you happy forever. We all want to be happy.
And often we have to make sacrifices to become happy.
While maybe the situation you are in right now, may make you happy today and also the next year, it won’t be the solution for forever.
There is no such thing, although the structure may stay the same, smaller changes make the structure stronger.
And sometimes the bigger picture altogether has to change. Once we realize that no matter what we do, our way to live just doesn’t really seem to be doing its job anymore at making us content.
Although we are so scared, we still need to let go. We need to step back and see that there is more, our world is full of diversity. And sometimes we need to lose sight of our “normal” life and explore.
It is good to have a few constants in our lives but we are not meant to live our life in only one place. Safe isn’t always what we should be craving for.
“No risk, no fun”, right?! Okay maybe that is a bit too extreme but yet we shouldn’t forget that this is the only time that we will live.
And while it is good to take care of other people as well as taking care of ourselves, sometimes the “me” should be the first thing that we will think of.
It doesn’t help us or even the people around you, if you are not happy but you do everything to make others happy. If you can fix yourself, it has a ripple effect.
You need to get out there to find who you truly are. Only through changes you will see that there is more in you, than you first thought.
We are much more complex than the role that was given to us by the society.
We all have different opinions on what is good and what is bad for us – find what is good for you, search for your very own definition of happiness.

See you soon at our next destination!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Quote 39/52

  1. This is a great quote, which I have also seen recently. As we live on a boat for most of the year, we can also relate to this quite literally. When we find a lovely harbour, it is a great temptation to stay there for a long time, but we need to use the boat for its original purpose, and move on to pastures new.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts. And you are so right, there are so many good and exciting things out there. Wish you all the best!!


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