Weekly Quote 40/52

„Dream as if you’ll live forever.
Live as if you’ll die today.”

– James Dean

One of these things that we too often say is: “Life is short”, which is has become one of those stereotypical ways of living mostly by teenagers and can often the excuse not to care.
This is not supposed to be a demand to just not care anymore. We still have to look out for our safety!
But still sometimes we have to take risks and lose the shell of our comfort zone.
Life is short, but that does not mean that we can’t or shouldn’t dream. No dream is too big!
Everything can be accomplished if you truly want it to.
Dreams can become our escape from the reality at the times that we have no time of getting away from our daily structure that is draining on us.
To be able to cope with all the struggles and problems that are continuously thrown at us, we need something to look forward to. Once in a while we need to treat ourselves.
Please try not to only live for weekends and vacations. Why do we all hate Mondays?
Monday seems to ring the bell for us to snap out of our dreams and face “reality” again, but that is not how it has to be.
We are the ones to decide what we do with our free time.
Find something for yourself that can be your safe haven.
I have a few things that I can choose from when I want to get away from everything, when everything seems to be too much. When nothing seems to be right anymore and just too complicated.
One of those things is photography. Once I am strolling around nature or just in general being outdoors with my camera, it calms me down. Suddenly it is easier to forget all the stress that is going on in my life.
Or I grab a book and read for a bit of time, to occupy my mind with other things. Often I write or draw. All those little things to make my day a bit better.
And yes, sometimes none of those things really help but tiny steps will eventually help to at least get a more positive outlook on things and suddenly not everything is upside down anymore.
Life is an adventure of ups and downs.
Once in a while give yourself some “me-time” with whatever you feel most comfortable with.
And I advise you for a certain amount of time every day to get of the Internet and enjoy life without constant need to keep “up-to-date” with everything.
If your go to pleasure is watching TV-shows or in general videos it is absolutely fine but still, once in a while you should get away from all the noise and buzz that is constantly around you.
Today could be your last day. Okay, I agree maybe that one is a bit too extreme. If we tell ourselves that one every day, we would probably get a bit too paranoid.
But none the less too many times in our lives we forget to enjoy ourselves. We take everything for advantage and forget that it is actually still a privilege we have, compared to other people.
One day, we will be sitting somewhere, looking through old photographs and think that we should have enjoyed all those good moments that we had.
Remember to dream and enjoy the moments we have as long as we can.

See you soon at our next destination!

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