Greek Market ~ Thessaloniki


Hello fellow Globetrotters!

After a short break we are now back with another post about the Greek city Thessaloniki, this time about a market which is known by locals and adviced to visit in every guidebook about the city.
It is known to be “one of the most authentic experiences any food lover could get”,  it is called Modiano and is one of the most traditional markets of the city.
Being a suprise to me, I think it wasthe most non-touristic market I have ever been to (apart from the local market in Ireland) and I have already been to many markets in France, Spain, Ireland and a few other countries.
I visited the city in the October of 2015 and in general there were not that many tourists to be found, which I often find appealing but also can lead to a few disadvantages.


One of my favorite photography objects are details, probably one of the reasons I really love markets apart from the colourfulness and the atmosphere.
I just found it so amazing to see all the different fruits and vegetables coming from the local reign with all these exotic names and labels.


Oh and you have to excuse me, I am actually leaving you out on a huge part of the market – the meat and fish section.
For those of you who don’t know, I have been living vegetarian for a year and a half by now and even before that I was never that fond of dead animals (okay who is?!).
Probably for some of you this is not so uncommon, but I found it quite an experience to have whole pigs shoved in my face with people in rows with blood all over their clothes, shouting at you.
I found it apart from it being pretty disgusting kind of “interesting” but I couldn’t get myself to stop and take pictures.


I bit further up the lines was a non-food market with lots of furniture, shoes and lots of other things.


Please let us know, what you thought about this. Do you like to go to markets?
If you would like to see more about Thessaliniki, you can check out Boat Bar, Seaside, City Impressions.

See you soon at our next destination!

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