One year anniversary

Hello fellow Globetrotters!

It has been one year since Janet and I decided to go through with our plan of creating our own  Travel blog Itchyfeetsblog.
Shortly before that, both us went to Bristol, UK for a work experience with school and that is actually the place where we got much closer to one another and we got the idea to do this!
It has been, to be honest with you a stressful year with lots of ups and downs but that is what life is about isn’t it?
When we started this project, we would not have guessed how time consuming running a blog is and sometimes were is just the lack of motivation and to not forget about writer’s block, hours of staring onto a blank page.
Still besides that, it was so much fun. Creating content, connecting with other people around the world and just in general learning to be responsible in a way.
Since the 14th of November of 2015 we published 140 blog posts and were able to reach over 1000 of people and gained 80 followers on WordPress. We want to thank everyone that made this year a bit more special.

The Future …

In 2017 we both will be ending school and we have to see what will happen then.
Maybe we will have to take a break or we will be in places where we have no internet connection … it will be an exciting time. Only time will tell. Would you like to hear about our thoughts on all that?
There probably won’t be a quote every Monday and I am sorry for the lack in the past weeks but it really is time consuming and we are really busy with school at the moment.
But another idea we thought, maybe once a month to do a “general post” not only related to traveling but  for example something about us (Q&A, hobbies …) or just things that concern us at the moment. What do you think about that?

On to new adventures!

See you soon at our next destination!

Shout it out!

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