Waterside ~ Thessaloniki, Greece

Hello fellow Globetrotters!

If you have seen the other posts about the Greek city Thessaloniki you have already seen a lot of the promenade or the waterside, which is actually around 4.5 km long, reaching from the port to the Old Concert Hall.



Almost at all times of the day you could see various anglers waiting for a fish to catch on.

We also saw a few really cute cats with their little kittens, but they were a bit shy or probably protective of their kids.

This must be one of my favorite pictures I took on my stay in the city, for me it carries a bit of sadness but the cat makes it more unique and friendlier or less sad in a way. Do you know what I mean?


If you ever happen to come visit the city, I would recommend to take a walk along the waterside especially in the times of sunset (or sunrise), as it had a really nice vibe.
People relaxing on the shore, probably after a long day and finally getting to rest for a moment.
One of those happy moments in life, getting to see beauty in a moment of silence in a busy world.

I hope you liked this post and would like to know, if you want to see anything else.
Here are the links for the other posts about Thessaloniki, Stormy Evening , Greek Market , Boat Bar , Thessaloniki Seaside and City Impressions.

See you soon at our next destination!

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