Heading South, Autumn

Hello fellow Globetrotters!

A few weeks prior we decided to drive out into the marshland about an hour away from Bremen, our hometown, hoping to see cranes on their journey to warmer regions.
Autumn was in full swing and everything was sprinkled in golden colours.

“October is about
trees revealing
colors they’ve
hidden all year.

People have
an October
as well.”
-Jim Storm

It was a really spontaneous idea and ended up being such a nice evening with a full blown sunset.
Sometimes those moments are the best, to forget all the stress even if just for a moment.
Seeing the sun set after yet another busy day and realize that no matter what happens some things will always stay the same.
After we took a walk through we area without seeing any cranes we already were about to go back home when the first ones started to fly ahead of us.
Not long and all you could hear, was the sound of their shouts, they were coming from all directions meeting on the meadow we were standing nearby.


Some were flying in big groups, others just in pairs.

They never really settled down, somtimes some of the cranes set to the ground to just moments later, fly up again into the air.
It was such an inredible experience. I don’t think I have ever seem that many cranes in one place.
About half an hour or maybe even longer they were coming from everythere and it didn’t seem to stop while the sun was setting making at even more beautiful.


What are your favorite things about autumn/ fall time?
See you soon at our next destination!

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