Weekly Quote 41/52

You are born and then you die, but in between you can do anything you want. It’s society that creates rules for us, but you can break out of that.

–Zola Jesus

In the way we are living, day to day we feel like we have to live up to expectations. Expectations from family, friends or in general people that surround us and things that influence us.
We constantly feel the need to fulfil what others expect of us, so almost at all times we rather choose what others think is the best than what we think for ourselves.
One big issue being gender roles, things that in our society are seen as specific male or female, we are made to believe that is that how we should be. Therefore a lot of people that don’t seem to fit into these structures feel like they failed and are unworthy.
But that is not how it is, life should not be about what the society wants from us.
Especially this gender aspect but also a list of many more things are almost starting from the day we are born. Even as babies we start to be labelled.
So, to some extent our actions are influenced by society from day one.
Only seldom people just do what they want to do, without worrying about what others think of it and what consequences their actions or decisions might have.
These and many other aspects determined or created by society, lead to a pressure that keeps us away from being our true selves and with that to being happy.
It is good and necessary to care about the people around you and to look out for one another. But sometimes the best thing we can do, is to be “selfish”.
And again, in most cases the word selfish is seen as something negative, structures made up of society.
In the terms I am speaking of being selfish is not only be concerned and look out for the well-being of people around you, but most importantly to look for your own well-being. Even if it makes you happy to make other people happy, it has somewhat more of a temporary effect.
Sometimes we have to be brave and really speak for ourselves.
One example for the pressure we fell form boundaries made up by society, can be seen in relation to dreams and fulfilling said dreams.
Many people choose a profession, not because it is something that they really want to do, but because it is something they know, for example their family will be content with.
Professions such as being a photographer, a blogger and many others, mostly artistic professions, are met with fewer acceptances.
Although you often feel like or even know that you will disappoint others with the things you choose to do, still do them.
Think of it this way, no matter what you do, you will always disappoint at least one person. Don’t be afraid of that. Disappointment is not something that will last forever.
There are not really any limits to things we want to do or can do. We are the one that create these limitations.
Find things, which make you in some way happy. Create something that you not only regret looking back on.  “In the end you will only regret the chances you didn’t take”.
It is not about having a good life and being happy at all times. It is about making the best out of situations and the circumstances given to you. It is about learning out of the mistakes you make and not seeing them as failures.
Just because society makes you feel, that you have to act or feel a certain way, it is not something that we should aim for. In the end, we all only want to be happy.

Do it not only for them, but for yourself!
See you soon at our next destination!

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