Wintery Walk ~ Langeoog, Germany


Hello fellow Globetrotters!

It will be Christmas in a few days and at least in Germany it is really cold outside at the moment. At the end of January 2015 my mother and I (Lenja) decided to take a vacation together to Langeoog, a German island.
Early in January we already showed you a bit of Juist, which is also a German island.
In October of 2013 we already had been to Langeoog and it was quite nice, but this time we both agreed that it was way better. The landscape is in general really beautiful.

Our rented apartment was at the end of the village, so we had nature right away in front of our house. These pictures were taken on our first walk. Some parts were covered in snow and I remember that we were the only people out and about. But to be honest, it really was cold out there. dsc01579
It was one of those really wintery days, a bit dusky and no sun.
But it really fit to the atmosphere of the wintery landscape of Langeoog.

After a bit of exploring we headed into town to buy groceries and get back home. The evening we stayed in our apartment and spent most of the time reading. I always find it so cozy after a winter day to get back home, drink a cup of tea and enjoy a good book.
I hope you are looking forward to more posts about Langeoog.

See you soon at our next destination!

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