Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

Hello fellow Globetrotters,
It feels like just a few months ago that we wrote the additional blogpost to this, for the year 2015. And still so much happened in this mostly exciting, but also rather stressful year for us.
We now have this blog already up and running for one year and two month. In that time we both learned a lot, some rather good things and some not so pleasant things.
First up, the unpleasant ones; running a blog is far more stressful than we ever imagined it could and would be.
Especially with everything that was going on with school at the same time; exams, projects … countless days of studying with no end and no time for anything else.
This also being one of the reasons we unfortunately didn’t reach our goal of posting a quote every Monday (by far). But still we don’t count it as a failure.
Sometimes it is just not possible to do all the things we want to. But what should count at last is, that we tried (and even got quite far).
Now, on to the good things that happened blog-related this year and things that we learned.
Besides it being so stressful, we got to see that you really can reach people from all over the world.
One of the first ones to visit our blog was someone from Singapore, soon followed Australia, Uruguay and many many more countries. So far people from seventy-two countries have visited our blog.
Blogging is a chance to get in contact with people worldwide. For us it is not about the numbers, but about the fact itself.
Other things that happened; one of our pictures was published in a magazine (iLoveBristol) in the September edition, unfortunately we couldn’t get a hold of a copy.
A fellow blogger nominated us for the “Versatile Blogger Award”.
In general we would say the year 2016 was a success. We were both able to do things that we always wanted to do. Janet travelled to England, while Lenja spent two weeks WWOOFing in Ireland. Together we even went to Copenhagen and had such a good time.
Hopefully we will able to adventure together 2017.

Plans for 2017
So far we can’t really say what will happen in 2017.
The first part of the year will definitely be one of the busiest times of our lives. In Mai we will (hopefully) be finished with school and have our “Abitur”, so our A-levels.
But from then on, everything is still pretty much in the unknown to us.
The only thing we know for sure is that we want to explore the world and get to know new things. But where?
Janet is probably going to America, while Lenja will go wherever the wind takes her to (nice phrase Janet). It will be really weird to not be around each other almost the whole time.
Sometime in the future we would also like to post different topics in addition to our travel related blog posts. Things that are probably more “lifestyle-related”.
If you have any ideas or recommendations please let us know in the comments, we are also always open for collaborations with any other bloggers out there.
Speaking about life(style), we definitely won’t be posting a quote every Monday. But what do you say about once a month?
The year 2017 should be about new things.
It should be about being more open minded and finding things that make us happy, may it be small or even bigger things.
It should be about making others happy, but also about loving ourselves, which sometimes can be the hardest thing to do.
Let us make 2017 an awesome year.

See you soon at our next destination!

Ps: Happy New Year.

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