Glimpse of Sun ~ Langeoog, Germany

Hello fellow Globetrotters!
We hope you all had a good start into the new year.
I still need time to get used to saying/writing 2017, how is it that already another year has gone by?!
Have you seen our blogpost about 2016/17 “Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017“?
Would you like to see a post about our resolutions?
These pictures were taken in January 2015, so just about two years ago, on the German island Langeoog.
At the time it really was full blown winter , as you could see in the other posts about Langeoog, but this day was the first time that you could spot a bit of the blue sky and the sun.
But it still was freezing cold outside and apart from us, there were no people around. It was really peaceful.
Most of the day we also spent inside reading but later on in the day we decided to get out and take a walk along the beach.

After the sun had set we arrived at the highest dune of the island from where you had quite a good view across the landscape.
It really felt a bit like you were alone in the world.
Unfortunately we couldn’t stay for too long as we were a bit afraid of getting caught up in the dark somewhere far away from our home, as we weren’t too sure about the way back.
I always forget how quickly it really can get dark in winter time.

Luckily as it started to get really dark we could already see the first lights of houses in the distance.
The restof the evening we spent huddled up inside our cozy apartment with a good book and a cup of tea as company. Just the perfect ending for any day. Don’t you think so?
I hope you are enjoying the series about Langeoog, here are the links for the other posts if you would like to check them out: Wintery Walk , Icy World and Fog .
See you soon at our next destination!

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