Bike Ride ~ Langeoog, Germany

Hello fellow Globetrotters!
What have you been up to since the beginning of 2017?
We hope that you had a great start of everything and that you all have an excting year in which you strive to do things you always wanted to do.
For us, school is gonna start again on Monday and the busy times will come, final countdown until our A-levels.
If you saw the other posts about the German island Langeoog you already saw that it was really cold when we went there but none the less we wanted to get out and see a lot of the beautiful landscape the island has to offer.
Luckily it is really easy to find a place to rent a bike, which is something I would recommend doing as it is just easier to see more.
On that day the wheater had been quite stable, so we decided to drive right out to the end of the island, as far as you can with a bike until you get to the beach.
In the beginning the sun even came out a few times and we walked around the area a bit. There is an observation deck from there you can learn about the animals, mostly birds that come by on the island and you get a good view on the neighbor island.


There used to be a bridge to the obeservation deck but unfortunately it was no longer there so we had to walk a bit along the water to find a place where we could cross but I wouldn’t go too far as we don’t want to disturb the birds!

From one minute to another the sky was filled with dark clouds and it started pouring down, there was a small shelter where we left our bikes but a lot of people were already waiting there. For us it looked like the rain wouldn’t stop anytime soon, so we thought we would get soaking wet anyways and hopped on our bikes to get back.
After a time it was actually quite painful as the heavy rain turned into a hail storm.

Halfway through, the clouds disappeared just as quickly as they had come and the sun came out. Joke was on us now, but that is just how it is sometimes. It was still so beautiful and we didn’t regret any of it.
Here are the links to the other posts about Langeoog, if you would like to see more: Wintery Walk , Icy World , Fog , Glimpse of Sun.

See you soon at our next destination!

9 thoughts on “Bike Ride ~ Langeoog, Germany

    1. Thank you! I have been to Juist many times and really love that island, Langeoog had a different feel but it was still really good. Yeah that horse just stood there as if it had all the time in the world. 😀


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