Last Day ~ Langeoog, Germany

Hello fellow Globetrotters!
The winter in Germany this year seems to be still coming, yesterday we had snow but also rain which isn’t the best mix if you ask me.
What is the wheater like in the place you are?
Already on to the last post about the German island Langeoog, which my mother and I visited in January 2015.
As typical as it is, the day we had to leave, was the sunniest one.
Luckily, we had opted for the last ferry that would leave, so we still had most of the day to explore the island a bit more.
With the bikes that we had rented the day before, we decided to this time drive into the other direction and drove down to the port area.
After we had walked around for some time we settled on a bench at the shore of the sea, as it was actually (for winter time) quite warm in the sun.
Huddled in our jackets we enjoyed the sun and read a bit more. For opportunitys like this, it is good to always have a book on hand when you are out and about.
The time just flew by.
Although we got up, rather early in the morning soon it was already time to get back as we had to give back our bikes, get our stuff we fortunately were allowed to leave in the apartment and get to the port again.

One last time we drank a coffee (tea for me), in the Café “Strandhalle” with a view on the sea and wrote a few more postcards.
This time it wasn’t as empty as it seems in these pictures, in the area of all the houses it was more crowded at all times.
Although Langeoog, is known as a “family-friendly” island, everyone can find something for enjoyment.
If you would like to see more about Langeoog: Wintery Walk , Icy World , Fog , Glimpse of Sun , Bike Ride and
Please let us know, if you enjoyed the series about Langeoog and we are always open for questions and feedback in general.
Have a nice weekend!
See you soon at our next destination!

2 thoughts on “Last Day ~ Langeoog, Germany

  1. Looks lovely! Certainly has that desolate, beach vibe to it. Current weather in northern France is cold and rainy; just the other day, we had a massive storm that cut off electricity and heating in some towns nearby- it was insane!

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