Barcelona Market Hall ~ Spain


Hello fellow Globetrotters!

Maybe you have already heard of the market halls of Barcelona.
I wasn’t really familiar with them and was quite excited when I stumbled across them. I mean I love all kind of markets ( Uzès Market )

It was really early in the morning and not many people were out and about, only after a bit of time more and more people started appearing.



Not even everything was open yet and most stands were just opening up.
But it was probably nicer like this, than with packed streets and almost no getting through and that is what probably happened later on, judgeing from how it was everywhere else in the city.



From everywhere inside the market hall all kinds of colour were pearing at you, but for me the place was a bit too touristic, but I would still recommend a stroll along the many stands.

Have you ever been to Barcelona, what was your favorite part about the city?
Maybe you want to check out our other post about the city.


See you soon at our next destination!

4 thoughts on “Barcelona Market Hall ~ Spain

  1. Barcelona is one of my favorite places to have visited in Europe, despite its touristy vibes. I’ve seen the outside of the Boqueria, but never been inside, but I can imagine it quite buzzing and exciting! My favorite part of the city would have to be El Raval, a district not too far from la Rambla, and full of nightlife, good food, and overall warm people. Here’s to more great adventures!

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  2. I’ve hardly been anywhere, though have lived a two foreign countries for a bit. I enjoy your blog so much as it’s armchair (or computer chair) travel for me!

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