Ramblas, Barcelona


Hello fellow Globetrotters!
So our resolution to try to blog more in 2o17 started off not working out, but that isn’t really suprising to us.
We are in the last months leading up to our A-levels, and had to learn now how stressful that really can be.
How have the first two months of this (new) year been like for you?

In the summer of 2o15, I got the chance to explore the infamous city of Barcelona for a day and as I already told you in the first post about Barcelona I was really glad to be able to arrive there early in the morning.
If you want to know why, just compare the first and the last picture of this post with one another.
Even in the morning it was starting to get a bit crowded quite fast, but that was nothing in comparison to how many people were on the Ramblas around noon and in the afternoon.
I didn’t really enjoy it that much anymore around that time to be honest with you.
It was more like a  crowded funfair.

In the beginning all the souvenir shops were still closed and you just got a chance to walk along without being distracted too much by all the people.



We even got a chance to see the living statues get into their roles for the day, which was quite interesting to see.
This act just had a really special atmosphere to it.

Have you visited Barcelona and if not, would you like to one day?
Feel free to check out our other posts about Barcelona, our experinces and things we did there.


See you soon at our next destiation!

4 thoughts on “Ramblas, Barcelona

  1. Barcelona has got to be one of my favorite cities in Europe. Although it’s super touristy, it offers so much and I plan to return some day. Looking forward to more posts!

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    1. You are so right, Barcelona is such a nice city. I would probably like to return at the time of off- season. But I have to say, that was the last post about Barcelona, only spent a day there.

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