Early Morning Stroll ~ Bristol, UK


Hello fellow Globetrotters!
It has almost been a whole year since the last time we blogged about the wonderful city Bristol in England.
In October of 2016, Janet and I took part in a Work experience, she was able to look into a different school system and I got the chance to work at the Tourist Office of Bristol, while most of the time they didn’t really have anything for me to do and sent me out to explore the city and even got a few free passes for museums and the Bristolian Aquarium, if you want to know a few more details feel free to check out our announcement about Bristol.

On our first day we accidently set our timer one hour to early as we got mixed up due to the time difference from Germany.
But as we only noticed this, after we got down to the eating room and there was noone, we decided that we couldn’t got to sleep again and should just use our free time to explore the city. It was the best descion we could have been, as it made Bristol even more beautiful and it just had such a special atmosphere to be outside in a foreign city while most people were still asleep.
It must have been raining before as all the streets were still wet, just another factor to make it even more beautiful.
You may have already noticed by now, we both are a big fan of the city and can’t wait to be able to come back one day.
If you have read our blogpost for the Sunshine Blogger Award, you may know that I could even see myself living in Bristol and I don’t get that feeling with too many places.

It was only starting to get a bit lighter within the time we were just exploring the area, Janet and I had already seen a bit of the harbour area the night before but we had never been to any other parts of the city before.
In retrospective it was one of the best ways to explore the city and if we hadn’t fallen in love with the city already, it would have at least happened in that morning.

Only by the time, we got to the main street we met the first people that were probably heading to work really early.
We realized that we also needed to get back to the hostel as we still had to have breakfast before going to our own work places.
Another favorite part of the city is the harbour side, where our hostel “The Grain House” even was directly at, so we always had a beautiful view directly in front of our windows.
I will actually try to do this in other cities as it makes you connect with each place just on such another level, at least that is the way I feel like.

Please let us know what you think about Bristol and if you have ever been there.
If you want to know more about the city and are interested in the things we did before, here you can see all the older blogposts about the city.
See you soon at our next destination!

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