Suspension Bridge ~ Bristol, UK


Hello fellow Globetrotters!
If you have already seen all the other blogposts about Bristol we have uploaded, you already saw a few different parts about the city we visited in the October of 2015.
But there is still one thing (or plenty more), that you shouldn’t miss out on, if you ever visit Bristol.
One motive you will find on almost every postcard about the city, does include the infamous Suspension Bridge.
The Suspension bridge is located in the upper part of the city, in the area of Clifton.
One evening we decided to take a walk up to the bridge. Although the walk can sometimes be a bit steep, it is something I would really recommend as the whole area of Clifton is really nice.
As our hostel was directly centered at the harbour side, it probably took us about half an hour to get there.
As the Suspension Bridge is located higher than most parts of the city, you actually have quite a good view over everything.
But if you would like to get a really good panorama view of the city, I would recommend to climb up the Cabot Tower, which is also free to visit.

The Suspension Bridge, joins Bristol and North Somerset spanning above the Avon Gorge, is the symbol of the city of Bristol.
It is entirely funded by tolls since it first opened to the public on 8th December 1864.
The Visitor Centre (in Leigh Woods) is open from 10am to 5pm every day (excluding Christmas and New Year). If you want to more details about the attraction, you can check out the website of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, where you can also find more details about tours you can take to get to know more.
We only got the chance to visit the bridge at night time, but if you find the time to go up there more than once, I would also really recommend to go there during the daytime.
If you want to get a view on the bridge from above, you can go up to the are of the Planterarium, which is only a small walk up.

Oh and by the way, what you can see in the picture above, is something you probably shouldn’t do.
It is apparently strongly prohibited to cross the actual road, which is something we were not aware of.
Luckily, we were in a big group, so the guard couldn’t do anything apart from advising us to immidiately leave the bridge and threatened to throw us off the bridge.

As always, we hoped you enjoyed this post and want to get to know the city more, here is the link for all our blogposts so far about the city.


See you soon at our next destination!

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