Georgian House Museum~ Bristol, UK

Hello fellow Globetrotters!
In the last post I gave you a small inview in my “work” Experience at the Tourist Office of Bristol, which mostly consisted of getting to know the city.
I can now say that I have been in way more cultural places like museums in Bristol than in my actual hometown Bremen.
You can either reach the Georgian house museum from the main road up to the University or from Brandon Hill.
When I was searching for the house a crowd of Art students were just scettching a few things in the street, including the actual house.

As you are entering the house, you will be greeted and given a plan with a lot of information about the place, offered in multiple languages.
The entrenance is for free but at the end you will find a donation box for the (free) up keeping of the museum, but the donation is up to you.


The Georgian townhouse was built for sugar merchant John Pinney and is still fully furnished in period style, which should represent what family life was like in 18th Century Bristol.
In eleven rooms spread over four floors, it is  revealed what life was like above and below stairs, from the kitchen in the basement where servants prepared meals to the elegant formal rooms above. If you want to know more details, head over to the website of the Museum.

It was really interesting to walk through all the different rooms and look at everything and imagine all the people from owner to servants living their life in that house.
Who was the owner of that night gown? What were the thoughts of the person playing on the piano all those time ago?

If you would like to see more about Bristol, feel free to check out our other posts about the wonderful city and look out for our future blog posts.

See you soon at our next destination!

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