Nature Walk ~ Bremen, Germany

Hello fellow Globetrotters!
Well, it has been a long time since we last posted something, but we were in the midst of doing our A-levels (Abitur). Now we are almost finished with school, so we should have a bit more time to continue blogging.

On the first weekend of March, Germany got a first glimpse of the upcoming spring.
Leading up to that, we have had almost two weeks of rain and only a really small amount of sun.
The day before, on Saturday, we even got the chance to grab a drink outside in the sun in front of a Cafe, as it was starting to be really warm.
In the afternoon my mother and I did a short bike tour to the other side of the Weser, the river which runs through Bremen, to the small beach area called “Cafe Sand”, which is always packed around summer time.
You can also reach the area by ferry, which only costs a few euros.

On Sunday I had mostly been studying for my A-level exam in history, which was due in the beginning of April. Around the time of afternoon I was really craving a break and so we decided to go for a walk in the “Blockland”-area.
The wheater didn’t look too great in the beginning, but after we had been walking for a few minutes the sun actually came out and it even got quite warm.

After we left the main path, we spotted a heron close to the foot path. Herons are not uncommon in the meadow area, but this one really let us get close so I could take a few close up shots of that quite glamourous bird.


In the beginning of January we spotted a kingfisher (the german translation would be “ice bird”) in almost exactly the same spot. At the time everything had been frozen over.
DSC01738You are not allowed to leave the foot path, as it is a conservation area/natural reserve, where especially in the time of spring a lot of birds and other animals seek for shelter.
Walks like these always remind me, that you should take more time to explore your local area.
Often you can find so many things you didn’t know of, we always dream of far away places we are not able to just go (at the moment/ever), and forget that there is so much around us, that is yet to be discovered.
Do you often make the effort to explore your local area?

Who else is looking forward to spring? Even though it is already May, so far we have had at least here in Bremen, a few days that really felt like spring.
If you want to know more about our hometown Bremen, feel free to ask us any questions and tell us if there is anything you would like to see and we will try to make another blog post about that.


See you soon at our next destination!

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