Walk Eastend ~ Juist, Germany

Hello fellow Globetrotters!
This trip around the east side of the German Island Juist was a reminder that there is always something new to discover. All the previous times, we had always missed to take this walk. As far as I know, you are only allowed to take this walk during a certain time of the year due to all the birds breeding.
The best option to start the walk is to rent a bike, there is plenty of option, and drive out to the small airport of Juist.

Along the way (inland), you can inform yourself about the different animals, plants and a lot more things you can find in the area.

dsc06844On that day the sun was kind of hidden behind clouds or always came in and out again. Even under this conditions, I advice you to be aware of the sun and out on sunscreen.
As it was only April, our skin hadn’t seen that much sun and we all got quite a bit sunburned.

On our way to the beach, we saw this humongous skeleton … a massive horse or maybe even a whale?!

dsc06865So far we had only met a few people, but on the beach a big group of people was searching for something on the ground. Right next to a seal.
Only later on, we found out that all those people were probably looking for amber.

You even get a close-up look to the neighboor island Norderney, which all of the sudden didn’t even seem that far away.
For the rest of the walk we just enjoyed walking along the sea and collecting shells.
We almost missed the way up to our bikes.
For more about Juist, check out our other blog posts.
See you soon at our next destination!

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