Walk of Rainbows ~ Ireland (WWOOF)

Hello fellow Globetrotters!
On my first day after arriving on the farm, I got up quite early, as I had to help with getting things ready for a market the others would be attending.
I helped making the muffins that would be sold and in general we all packed everything into the car.
After the others had left, the Madagascan E. and I ate breakfast together. My first task was to take Grace, a very friendly and lazy dog for a walk. (So hard, I know.)
I found it quite sweet, that one of the cats tagged along on our morning walk.
I really enjoyed getting another first glimpse at the beautiful landscape, as the day before everything looked really gloomy and wet.
After I got back, the first thing we did was water everything in the two poly-tunnel.
Our plan for the day was to work on an old hut, which should be turned into another outside toilet. After we had mixed the cement and gathered all the supplies we started on thickening the walls.
While we were working, we got to talking and had a fun time solving riddles.
The work had been really different from the things I did the previous week (and my whole life), but I actually really enjoyed what we were doing.
However, I did need a bit of time to work out how to put the cement on the walls without everything falling off again.
After about five hours or maybe more, with only a short break in between, we decided to call it a day. We just about finished one wall and were both really hungry.
Only after we cleaned everything, which also took some time, we had a late lunch with food from the garden.
A bit later, the others came back from the market and we unloaded everything, took care of the dishes and put everything away. My first working day on my second farm was done.


After we had cleaned everything up, I was free for the day.
During the time we had been working, it started raining heavily multiple times.
So I was really glad that the sun was out during my free time.
I got changed, grabbed my camera and went outside to explore the area.
Everything looked really different from how it had been the previous evening.
Without knowing where I was,  I started walking and soon came to a crossing, where I decided to go uphill.



The next day my host jokingly called this road “the longest, straight road in Ireland”, I had also been very amazed by this view.
And for all those wondering why I called this post Walk of Rainbows, the whole time I had a lot of sky above and around me and so I could literally see the rain and the sun going from place to place. At some points, it felt like I got to see another rainbow every ten minutes. In total, I saw nine rainbows in about three hours.


As always I hope you enjoyed reading about my time in Ireland, and feel free to ask me if you have any questions.
For more about Ireland, I will link here the other blog posts from my previous week in the area of Sligo on another farm.
On the second part of my walk, I was blessed with even more green, sun and beautiful landscape.


See you soon at our next destination!

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