Evening Time ~ Ireland


Hello fellow Globetrotters!
This is a direct continuation to the previous blog post about Ireland.
It is still the same walk but as I took way too many pictures, I decided to divide it into two parts.
I couldn’t help but fall completely in love with the rural landside.
The walk around the area, which lasts about half an hour, still is one of my favourite walks I ever took (to this day) and it was such a reward after working on the farm (WWOOFing) for a few hours.


Although I was outside for about three hours, I only met one person.
A very old, very Irish fellow on his bike, who lives nearby on his own with almost to no electricity.
We had already talked for a bit in the morning, when I had taken Grace for a walk and I passed his house. Even though I found it quite hard to understand his very heavy accent, we talked a bit more. A perfect example for the friendliness Irish people are famous for.
He even said he would show me a bit of the area if we had a bit more time.


Some part of me, feels like it would have been nice to share these moments with someone, but at the same time it was also so special to do this on my own.
Travelling alone is such a huge controversy for many people.
Some people would never dare to make a trip on their own, maybe not because they feel afraid but because they think it will be boring. Or probably a mixture of both.
Travelling alone is something I have always dreamed of. Ever since I was a small child I wanted to make a trip around the world on my own.
This trip to Ireland had been my first glimpse of travelling alone.
Beforehand, I was feeling all sort of things, excitement for sure but I had also been a bit nervous. But I blame that more to the prospect of working and living with people I have never met.
I remember that a lot of my friends, said I was mad for wanting to do farm work in my summer holidays. And then in Ireland (wet & cold) out of all places.


Another thing that I found quite incredible in the area was that most of the horses and cows were walking around free with no fences in sight.



This was such a funny moment.
When I went past this cow pasture, all the cows came running up to the fence and wouldn’t stop to mow.
They probably thought I was going to feed them.
But this once again shows, just how rural and remote the area is.

As always, I hope you liked reading about my time in Ireland from the summer of 2016, if you want to know more about my time WWOOFing or in general my Ireland adventure, I will leave you with the link for my previous blogposts.
Hope you all have a great day!


See you soon at our next destination!

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