Mountshannon ~ Ireland (WWOOF)

Hello fellow Globetrotters!

On my second morning on the farm we all had breakfast together at around 8:30 am.
It was very interesting having breakfast with seven people from completely different places.
Together with the French girls (R. (17) & M. (19)), who had arrived the evening before, I went to pick some black currants in the garden.
A few minutes later, we drove down to the market. This time I was able to join the others and the girls and E. stayed behind to work on the old shed I had been working on the previous day.
After a few hours, I was able to go for a walk around Mountshannon, although my walk got cut short by heavy rain.


Mountshannon, a village in East Clare, is located on the western shores of the Lough Derg, which is one of Ireland’s biggest lakes.
You can take boat trips to the nearby Inis Cealtry, or Holy Island.
Something I found quite unusual was the maze built in the centre of the town in a small park with views of Lough Derg.
The maze is supposed to feature information about the development of the Irish spiritual tradition.


Mountshannon also has a harbour,  used in the summer months for cruisers, who only stay for the night.
Apparently you can also go swimming in the lake, in a separate bathing area.

After we had got back to the farm and had put everything away, we had lunch together.
When we had finished, our host left us and we all sat together and talked about favourite songs, music and a whole other things.
It was very nice to spend some time together and E. came up with the idea to watch all our favourite movies in turns over the next couple of days.
The first one we watched was “Finding Neverland”, a movie I can really recommend.
After that it was time to watch the European championship match between Italy and Germany. Normally I am not interested in football but watching it together was a lot of fun.
Especially watching it with two Italians who were both very keen on Italy winning and one German (me) who didn’t really care. (Germany ended up winning with 6:5.)


See you soon at our next destination!

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