Another Walk ~ Ireland

Hello fellow Globetrotters!
Today was our day off from WWOOFing. Most of the time you work for 5 to 6 days a week for about 6 hours per day.
The regulation can differ depending on the farm, so if you want to make sure ask your host beforehand for more details.
Most of the time, especially if you only stay for a short amount of time on a farm, you need to be open for flexibility in your timetable.
Although we were all free to do what we wanted for the day, we still had breakfast at 9:30 am together with everyone.


I spent the day with the two girls from France, which was really nice.
We decided to go for a walk and ended up  going all the way to Mountshannon
and sat by the lakeside for a bit.
We spent the time talking about a whole lot of topics, especially about the differences between the French and German school system.


In the blog update “Evening Time” I posted a few days ago, I talked about my view on travelling alone and what comes with it.
One of the many benefits of travelling alone is that it is very easy to meet new people.
Normally, I often find it quite hard to meet new people, as I can be very shy.
But at least for me, there is something different about meeting new people in another country. Especially if you happen to be living and working together.
I was very glad, that I got along really well with R. and M., the two French girls.
Although I really enjoyed exploring the area on my own, it was really nice to be able to share my time with other people.


When we got back we were greeted by the cows who didn’t seem to be happy to see us and soon hurried away so we didn’t get too close.
If you are interested in more about Ireland from my point of view, I will always look forward to answer any questions or hear about your own stories.


See you soon at our next destination!

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