Time for the sun to set ~ Ireland

Hello fellow Globetrotters!

Looking back at my two weeks in Ireland, it seems like all I did was working, walking, eating and sleeping.
But sometimes that is enough.
Especially if ‘working’ means, working on a farm a few hours a day and really enjoying the work you have to do.
Especially if ‘walking’ means, falling in love with the landscape around you every day and never getting tired of the same paths, no matter how many times you walk them.
Especially if ‘eating’ means, delicious food from the garden you have been working in and getting to share it with people from around the world.
Especially if ‘sleeping’ means, falling into bed, after a long day with no worries in your head apart from maybe if it will rain the next day.

A lot of people probably would have found it a bit boring or lonely in this very rural and remote part of Ireland between County Clare and County Galway.
The only living things you most of the time met were a few cows, horses and donkeys.
For me personally this was one of the best things.
On this particular evening I once again choose the perfect time to for my daily walk (like here). The sun was just about to set and it seemed like the cows were all meeting up.
They seemed to be quite scared of me and in order to pass me, some of them ran past me as fast as they could. The sight of a running cow is one of the funniest things. (In my opinion.)

From some parts of the walk, not far from the farm I was staying on, you had a good view on the lake Derg, which is one of Ireland’s biggest lakes.

The Irish horses definitely sparked a new liking for horses in me. I will just let the next pictures speak for themselves and you might be able to understand me!








If you want to know more about my time WWOOFing in Ireland, I will link you to my previous blog posts about my experiences.
As always, feel free to ask any questions.


See you soon at our next destination!

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