Short trip to Ennis ~ Ireland


Hello fellow Globetrotters!

This day was another day off from WWOOFing.
This time our host had to teach a yoga lesson in Ennis, and we had the time to wander around the city.
I took the chance to hop into a few book shops and have a look at the city.
I would have probably done good with a map of the city as I got completely lost.
The city isn’t even that big, and I later found out that if I would have only carried on walking to the next corner and I would have known there I was.
But what I really did was turn around and walk the whole way back, luckily I still managed to arrive on time.


Ennis seemed to me like a really typical Irish town.
It is the busy commercial centre of Clare and the perfect place to start if you want to explore the county a bit more.
It is quite short on sights but a place to feel the urban flair of Ireland and you can reach any part of Clare in under two hours.
Based on the description of Ennis in the ‘lonely planet’-guide, Ennis is the place “to bounce from one music-filled pub to another”.



During the two weeks in Ireland I didn’t get to see many cities or towns.
I got a quick view of Galway (in search for food) and at the end of my time a few hours in Dublin. And of course Sligo.
Hopefully during my three months at the end of this year in Ireland, I will be able to see a bit more of the Irish Cities.
But I will be hiking and WWOOFing, so might not happen again.


Next up will be a few posts about the famous Cliffs of Moher, so look out for that.

See you soon at our next destination!


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