Last Days of WWOOFing ~ Ireland

Hello fellow Globetrotters!
After the two days off, we all got back to working again.
On my fourth day on the farm we started working in the garden right after breakfast, we spent our time weeding until we got interrupted by a big delivery of turf (bog) for the heating.
Everything needed to be stored away in an old shed and so we made a human chain to get everything inside. I was right at the front and was soon standing inside the shed throwing the buckets full of turf that were given to me by the others from outside.
Let’s just say I definitely had to take a shower afterwards and my arms were quite sore in the end.
After we had all had lunch together we talked for a few more hours.
As the farm was also for yoga and mediation we were always free to join, and I wanted to try it out. It is always good to try to new things even if you turn out not liking them,
at least you learned something new about yourself.
It was my first time ever to witness a mediation session and I found the method quite interesting. But to be honest it didn’t really work for me, I would rather go for a walk to get my mind free.



On the next day we worked a bit more on the old shed that should be turned into an outside toilet, the place I had been working on my first day after arriving on the farm.
Instead of cement, we used a mixture of hemp and lime.
We used, in my opinion, a great method to use not too many of the mixture.
The trick is to put old glass bottles in the wall with a few centimeters between each bottle and fill only the remaining space with the mixture.
I had seen this already everywhere around the farm and found it interesting to be able to try it out myself.
Later that evening I went for a walk although it was raining. I guess I just needed a bit more fresh air, and even if I really like spending time with the others, I needed a bit of time to myself.



On my last working day on the farm I mostly worked on my own, using up the remaining hemp and lime mixture on the holes in the small house in the garden, where my host lived. You had a really good view from the ladder.
After that I did my favourite task of the two weeks!
My host asked me to take pictures of the farm for a festival she was going to attend in Germany. Judging from the fact, that if you are reading this you know that I have a photography/ travel blog, you can probably guess how excited I was by this.
After lunch, I spent the rest of the day with the two girls from France.
We went for another walk, exploring the area a bit more.
We took some photos together and played a bit of “asshole” sitting on a field with a cute and very friendly dog that had followed us.
Before we headed back to the farm, to play a few more rounds of “asshole” with the others, the two joined me for my daily evening walk, which goes in a circle around the farm for about thirthy minutes.
As you can see the sun was kind of setting and was the perfect last evening and I was actually a bit sad to be going the next day.


If you have any questions of my time WWOOFing please let me know, I would really like to make a small Q & A about it. Have you ever been WWOOFing or heard about it before?
Feel free to check out the rest about my time in Ireland.


See you soon at our next destination!

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