Quick visit to Dublin, Ireland

Hello fellow Globetrotters!

And finally, after once again a short break I would like to share with you my last post from my Irish summer of 2016.
It does feel a bit strange writing about an ending in Ireland, when at this moment I am sat once again in Ireland but I have still about three months ahead of me, but that is something I will tell you more about in another post that should be coming next week!
I did call this a quick visit to Dublin as it was really just that.
I had about two to three hours when I arrived in Dublin until I would have to leave again for the airport. And I couldn’t really use the time to it’s full capacity as my backpack was way to heavy to walk around with it.
For those who have been following me a bit longer, know that I really like to read in English and so over the last two weeks I had bought a lot of books to take home with me.


So I really just used the time to get something to eat (bread & hummus), and sat at the river looking at the people exploring the big city. I think it had also been one of the warmest days of my time in Ireland and so I sat in the sun reading for a bit.


Have you ever been to Dublin? If so please let me know any recommendations as I am planning to stay there for a few days in the December of this year.


See you soon at our next destination!

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