Not an Ending.


Often things don’t turn out the way you expect them to be.
I have been WWOOFing (working on a farm) for over a month now and back in July when I contacted the hosts I assumed from their emails back to me, that I would be mostly alone on the farms.
I thought I would have a lot of time to kill and that I would be able to write a lot of blog posts. I was excited by the prospect of finally being able to write and upload a lot, to work more on this blog I had been neglecting a lot over the last months.
I was excited to share my adventure with whomever was willing to read what I have been up to.
But then I arrived on my first farm and things were very different. In the beginning we were four, at some point seven and a similar thing happened on the second farm. And so there wasn’t that much time to myself. And we often used our free time to do things together, which I am very glad for.
I met a lot of very nice people and made so many memories and generally had such a good time. One of the best of my lifetime so far.
But that just meant even further neglection of this blog.
I have been working on some blogposts on and off over the last months but as I had been hiking for a month I feel like I should finish a few more of those posts before I start to upload them. I don’t want to do this half- assed, if I do this I want it to be something I do with passion and not something that I have to commit to.
In the end this blog is just a space for me, a space I have to and want to fill. A blog is always more work when you think it is. And to top things off, I am not very good at keeping to one thing – I always have to many things going on at the same time. I am good at starting things, but not good at finishing them.
I have been in Ireland for over 70 (72 to be precise) days by now and I still have about a month left.
One more farm ahead of me.
A lot more people to meet.
Memories to make.
Things to learn.

I think next year when I will be travelling in other countries I will handle things differently with this blog, I want things to be more up to date. Because right now when I think of this blog, I just see all these days, weeks, months that I haven’t written about yet. I want to try to make at least one weekly update and then post the more detailed posts later on.
But that is something to think about later.
I am still in Ireland and although right now for some reason I have this feeling of an ending to something, I know that it is not even nearly over yet. And I wouldn’t be ready to go home. And I don’t have to, not yet. Maybe when the time comes, I will be excited to go home. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of things I miss about home but not as much that I have I want to go back to Germany. I have never felt homesick. What even is home?
Yesterday, I filled all the pages in my first travel diary. And now I just need to realise that I can start a new one. It is still a beginning.

This time I won’t say “See you soon” because I don’t know yet if that is true.
I will just say;

To be continued …

x L

2 thoughts on “Not an Ending.

  1. Hi Itchy Feet, I was interested in your WWOOFing experience. I wrote a book about mine, in Scotland and New Zealand so it’s good to keep a diary to remember everything. You might be interested in my blog where you can also find details of my books.


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