Let’s take a Walk.

Over the last couple of months I met a lot of different people in Ireland and often we ended up talking about meditation.
The year before I had taken part in one session of meditation as one of my hosts was really into the whole idea and used to do it every day. I had never really given it much thought before and saw it as I wouldn’t do. But I didn’t want to judge it without having tried.
It didn’t work for me. I feel like my kind of `meditation´, if you want to call it that, is taking a walk in nature.




I already mentioned in one my last posts, that since I came back from Ireland, I tend to feel restless very quickly.
The same thing happened last Sunday.


I felt like I just needed to get outside. The thought of spending more time inside was weighing me down.




Although the sun was shining, it was really cold and even the mushrooms on the ground were covered in ice!
To be continued …

4 thoughts on “Let’s take a Walk.

  1. Hi again. Walking, dishwashing, playing sport, working: you can meditate while doing anything as long as you’re totally focussed on what you are doing. When sportsmen say they’re’in the zone’ that’s the goal of meditation. In my book, Prana Soup, I talk about my meditation experience, including a Buddhist retreat. It was often frustrating as I thought I had to sit cross-legged, but now I know that you can do it any way. So don’t stress about it!


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