Hello Winter. ~ Ireland


On my last WWOOFing- Farm in Ireland we used to have breakfast at about 8.30 am (at least in the beginning).  This morning I got up earlier and needed to get something from the pool room, which was the room we spend most of our free time in.
When I stepped out of our room, I had already seen that all the tables in the courtyard were covered in a layer of frost and it was really cold.
Going over to the other building area I caught sight of the meadows, grabbed my camera and went for a walk before breakfast.


Charly, the dog, was extremely excited someone went for a walk at such an early hour and chased across the landscape. The property of the farm was huge and so I just followed the path for about twenty minutes.
I just came out of my warm bed and was only wearing a thin jumper and I was shivering within a few minutes but the sight and the feeling was more than worth it.
To be outside in the early morning must be one of my favourite times to be outside, but I never do it.


It was one of the first signs that winter was coming closer, it had never been that cold before.
It felt incredible to be able to just be out in the open on my own, just a few meters away from my bed.
At home I am always too lazy to go out for a walk early in the morning.
I guess the problem is that I always love it, once I am in a beautiful area, but it just needs so time to get there, so I end up not going.
But maybe I will try to do it more now. There is always so much more to explore when we expect.


At this point, Charly got jealous of my camera because I wasn’t paying him enough attention and tried to knock the camera out of my hand.
Sorry Charly!

There are so many beauties hidden in nature. It is not often (at least for me) that you see a flower covered in a thin layer of ice.


It was also great to see the Castle from another perspective, especially when the sun gained a bit more strength.

To be continued …

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