The last hours in Hamburg ~Germany


As the final part of our daytrip to the city of Hamburg in early January last year, we got off the boat at the last stop before it went over to the other side of the Elbe.
A smaller port area with a view nicer boats.
We had planned on taking the bus back to the central area but as we just about missed it, it was quicker and more fun in my eyes to just wait for the boat or ferry to come back.
As the sun had set it got even colder than before and I was really glad for the extra jumper I had bought earlier on, which I out under most of my clothes.
My mother thought I was mental, when I started taking of my clothes in the freezing cold.


On our way back it was already completely dark, but it was nice to see the port and the city with all the lights from the water.





























                                                           To be continued …

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