It’s a date.

Society has created this image in our head that it is weird to do things on your own. People are afraid of what the people around them will think. Do they think I have no friends?
I have been travelling solo since the beginning of September and especially in the beginning I haven’t always felt comfortable with sitting alone in a Café, a pub or any other public space.
And I feel like in my hometown, I still would feel a bit weird about it. I don’t want to admit this to myself, but I am also trapped by the thoughts of what people who know me and see me might think of me.
But at least for now I can say about myself, that I like sitting alone in a Café. I have been to the cinema three times and have done a lot more things by myself I wouldn’t have the year before.
Occasionally we just need to spend time with ourselves. You never know what will happen, maybe one day for some reason you have to move to a new city where you know now one.
Who will be the one person you know? That will be you. No matter where you are and who you are with, you will always be you. And we have to learn to enjoy the company of ourselves.
There are so many things you can do. Think about places you have always wanted to go to, things you haven’t done in a long time. Don’t wait for someone to come with you. Just go. Take yourself on a date!
When I spent two days in Tralee, after hiking for most of the previous weeks, I wanted to treat myself. I felt exhausted and my body still ached quite a lot.
I also needed some time to find myself into a routine again, that didn’t involve having to move to a new place soon again.
Suddenly I was left with all this time where I didn’t have any plans. I had already seen everything that I felt like the city had to offer and it felt strange to me. I didn’t know how to feel about this.
My mind wasn’t in the best state at the moment as well. I wanted to hide away from the world for a bit.
But I was sleeping in a tent and it was raining the whole time and after a time it wasn’t comfortable, so I just had to leave the “comfort” of my small tent.
I sat in a coffee shop for a few hours and worked on some blogpost and suddenly I felt much better. It was something I had already done a few times over the last weeks, so I wasn’t uncomfortable about the idea of sitting alone in a coffee shop. It kind of felt liberating.
I had spent a month mostly with just the company of myself and I would have done good with some people around me. But that wasn’t an option.
I couldn’t just call a friend and ask them if they wanted to see a movie or do something else. I only had myself to keep my mind occupied.
As it was starting to get dark outside, I came up with the idea of going to the cinema. I had never been to the cinema in another country and most of all I had never been to the cinema by myself.
This is what I wrote in my journal; “My first time going to the cinema in another country. My first time going to the cinema alone. I am excited that I am taking myself on a date. You could call it that, right?”


To be continued …

2 thoughts on “It’s a date.

  1. Hi! Nice blog. I understand how you feel as someone who has travelled the world alone. I think that solo travel leads to meeting more people and having more adventures but it can get lonesome.


    1. Hey, thank you. As right now I am getting to experience the other side of things by travelling with someone else I truly start seeing the differences. But also lonesome adventures can be one of the best from time to time!


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