Sunrise in Paris ~ France

This time I spent the time around New Year in Paris, taking the bus down. I drove through the night for a bit over ten hours and it was the most awful ride ever.
After a night of no sleep, I stepped of the bus at 7 something in the morning and was relieved for the smell of fresh air and the ability to stretch my legs again.
To tops things off, I stepped of the bus at the station Bercy Seine and took some stairs to get to the river and was met with the sight of a beautiful sunrise.
For the next hour I totally forgot my tiredness and was just amazed by everything around me.
For me, there is always something special about a sunrise especially since I almost never see one like most people probably.
It is something we so rarely get to appreciate and I want to make the effort this year to see a few more sunrises.



To be continued …

2 thoughts on “Sunrise in Paris ~ France

  1. I took a bus to Paris and also got off just when the sun was rising over the Notre Dame. One of the most priceless experiences ever! Can’t wait to hear more about your time in Paris!


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