Houses of Paris ~ France

Paris is, as a habitant but also especially as a tourist, a very expensive place to be. Especially since I came back from three months of Ireland not to long ago and currently am in Chile for around the same time and plan on travelling more after it, I really needed to save money where ever possible. Which is actually very easy in Paris, if you are okay with exploring everything just from the outside (and it is sunny).
The day of my arrival was the only time we got to see the sun and to my surprise it was also kind of the only day I thought Paris was a beautiful city.
Although I didn’t know that at the time, I was glad I made the most of it and walked around so much without hurrying.
As I didn’t go there with the intention of being a tourist and seeing as much of the city as possible, I felt like I had all the time in the world.
My tip for a “successful ” trip to Paris is to take things at a time and not see the trip as a must to tick of all the (touristic) sights.
There is so much to see if you just have the will to walk a lot. DSC00845DSC00849DSC00854DSC00874DSC00880DSC00944

To be continued … 

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