Let’s be more spontaneous .


Hello from another part of the world!
Since I am a small child I remember my dream of travelling the world and a long time ago I started putting money to the side to be able to travel when I would be done with school.
I never knew exactly where I wanted to go, but I always said not Europe. As the time was getting closer, and I properly had to start thinking about it and eventually make a plan it started looking a lot different to what I had always said.
Suddenly Europe put itself into my focus, I wanted to explore it more (especially the Northern Regions). I think when I was making my plans, I still wanted to go to places outside from Europe, but maybe I didn’t have the guts to do it on my own. Not once in my life had I left Europe before, the most different place to Germany I have been to is Greece, and I had a certain respect for it.
By the way, I am not speaking of any safety related issues or similar things. It was just a big thing, getting out of Europe, in my mind that I was a bit scared to take.
Last year from September to December I had been in Ireland, one month I hiked and the rest I spent WWOOFing (farmwork), for the beginning of this year I had planned to go to the UK to kind of do the same thing again, but I also came to a realization in Ireland.
I really like working and living on a farm and I definitely want to do it a lot more, it has to do with a bit of luck in Winter where you end up. Apart from the fact that the work is often lacking a certain variety in cold months and you mostly end up doing wood related things (chopping, sawing, collecting, carrying …), the biggest problem for me that it gets dark very soon after you are finished with work for the day. While that can still be really great when you are in a place where were are other people and you get along well with those people, but otherwise the times can get very long.
Apart from the weekends (free days) there is not much time to explore the area and you are just stuck in a place for a long time. I don’t regret anything about my choice to go to Ireland even in Winter but as I returned home for Christmas anyway and I hadn’t made any fixed plans for the UK, I decided to go somewhere else.
Without having much time to think about anything new myself, I was met by the choice of maybe doing something very spontaneous, which at the time we were not so sure about if it was even a good idea.
But sometimes you just have to let reasonable things behind and just do what sounds “wrong” but feels “right”.
Well, to make things short and not confuse more, I am currently in South America for three months not even alone (also something I said I would not do).
As we want to make this trip very cheap, our way of travelling is not based on the most comfort you could think of, but actually so much better in my opinion.
We started out trip in Santiago de Chile and will return there for the end of our trip and hitch- hiked from there down South, crossed the border to Argentina explored the dessert and are currently in Ushuaia, the most southern city in the world.
As I started my travel with almost no Spanish, hitch – hiking is not only the cheapest way of exploring and besides a lot of other benefits it makes you have to learn the language and practise it a lot more than travelling other ways. Although I had two years of Spanish in school, I was surprised how fast you can forget most things if you don’t practise it.
I have never done wild- camping before, apart from one time in Ireland (a story for another time), I have come to appreciate it a lot over the last month.
I am only able to write this, as we spent the last two days for the first time in a Hostel as it was raining so much and most of our stuff had gotten wet, so don’t expect to hear much from me over the last month.
Most of the time, even if we could find some free Wifi in the cities, we are out of battery anyway.
I have always been someone who sometimes makes too many plans beforehand and although I am not an organized person at all, I put too much control over my travelling, something I came to realize in Ireland.
Beginning with the fact, that coming here, has been the biggest spontaneous decision I have ever made, it suddenly feels like a lot of freedom to see this whole new different side of making plans.
Almost every day we make new plans and throw old ones out of the window, if we even have any plans.
Speaking of plans, it will be time for me to leave the “comfort” of walls and a roof soon, so for now;

Let the Adventure



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