And so the Adventure begins …

“If we wait until we are ready, we’ll be waiting until the rest of our lives.”
-Lemony Snicket


After coming back from a three month trip in South America, hitch – hiking and Wild- camping it was nice to spend some time at home, but all too soon I was already starting to feel restless.
It took me a lot longer than I had planned on, to finally decide to leave again, which felt a bit strange to me but after about a month my things were packed and it was time.
This time my adventure takes me further up North.
My plan is to explore Scandinavia, which is something I always wanted to do and so I decided that it was finally time.
I am starting my journey in Sweden, the country of IKEA and Moose.
After a long journey with train, bus(es) & boat, I finally made it to Uppsala, the fourth largest city of the country.
My 4h overlay in Stockholm was quite early and after a night with almost no sleep, I did not get up to more than sitting in the sun at the riverside and almost falling asleep. I guess I will need to come back another time.
I headed straight for Uppsala, as I want to do more WWOOFing (farm “Work”), as I had already done in Ireland towards the end of last year, and I am going to live and work for a few weeks on a Farm which is around 20km from the city.
For this trip I wanted to leave things a bit more open and have not made any further plans, which sometimes truly is the best way to travel if you ask me.
After a few more hours of waiting in Uppsala, I was picked up my host and my adventure truly started.
A quick stop at the Supermarket to buy some food for me and it was time to drive into the countryside.
Green field after green field with typical red Swedish houses, were passing by in front of the car window, while we had our first conversation and just got to know one another a bit.
Those moments can be a bit nerve- wrecking, but I have learned by now, to not to just try to make a very good first Impression but just to be kind and yourself basically.
After finally arriving on the Farm after around 30 hours counting from leaving my hometown in Germany, I was rather glad. I met the husband (my other host) and some very cute 6- week old kittens who almost just fit into my hand.
And as on almost every other Farm I have been to so far, the first thing you are greeted with, when opening the car door, is a friendly and very excited dog trying to jump on you.
We had a Fika (tea and bread/ biscuit … break) outside in the afternoon soon and just talked for a bit, while I got to know more cats and then got a small tour of the Farm and we put my things in a wheelbarrow and took it to my home for the next weeks. (More about that soon.)
And suddenly I was standing alone in this new space, which I quickly got to know and started to unpack everything, which is something I always enjoy a lot when I know I will be staying for some time in a new place away from home.
I had only time for a short break to take everything in, before I put on some Anti- mosquito spray and went out again to meet my host and she showed me how to get in the sheep. But I have to be fair it was a lot easier than I expected, as the work is actually just done by the dog and you only need to open and close a few gates.
It was probably around 8.30 pm when I went up to my house and my first evening on my own began.
It will probably not surprise anyone, that I felt a bit lazy to cook anything.
After eating some bread, I properly realized how quiet the place was in the evening, which is something I always need a bit of time to get used to especially in the dark.
Before it could get properly dark, which is not for long anyway in Sweden at this time of the year, I moved from the spacious living room into my bed and watched a movie to focus my mind on something else than the forest right beside my house and the quietness of the place.
When it was time to sleep, it still took me a long time to fall asleep although I was very tired and exhausted from the last days, which is something which probably happens to a lot of people sleeping for the first time alone in a new place.

Maybe one day I will see a Moose from my window …


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