Is this what Sweden looks like? (Harz, Germany)

Shortly before I left home, to go to Sweden I was rummaging through my huge pile of files of photos on my laptop and found back these pictures from a 2- day trip I had done with my mother two years ago.
And as I remember that at the time, I was thinking that this is a lot like I imagine the nature of Sweden to look like , I thought now would be the perfect time to share these.









We had actually organized this trip quite spontaneously before I would go to Ireland.
I wanted to do two long- distance hikes (Kerry Way & Dingle Way) but had never done any hikes with a heavy bag- pack on me, before.
So we thought that it would be a good idea to at least try it out once, before I maybe start the Journey and than maybe find out that I would absolutely hate it.
The only problem was that we live in Bremen, a nice city with lots of nature nearby but unfortunately everything is flat.
The highest point in Bremen, and I am not joking here, is the trash/garbage mountain.
So we had to come up with something else.








Fortunately it was still off- season, so we did find an area in the Harz, a Mittelgebirge (relatively low mountain range or highland area) in Northern Germany, where we could find a place to stay in Wildemann, a small village.

I had never been in that part of Germany before, but would definitely say now that it is worth checking out.
In summer and winter it is probably very touristic but at the time we had been there, which was towards the beginning of summer but not in the holidays yet, we were mostly alone especially out in the nature.






To be continued …

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