Midsummer Rain (Farm- Life, Sweden)


It is raining, it has been raining all night. Outside it is cold and wet, not inviting at all to set any foot in front of the door.
Inside, it is not warm but at least better. I am sitting on a worn- out sofa, sipping on a cup of tea while the rain is splattering against the window.
It has been over a month without any rain here in Sweden. Especially the first two weeks on this Farm were incredibely hot, most days up to 30 degrees without clouds. Full blown sun each and every day.
Work from 8 – 12 with a tea break with my host in their kitchen. Tea break does not only mean having chats about all sorts of things, but also being able to play with the small kittens which get more active from week to week.
Hands smelling of tomato leaves every day, as on most days there is at least some work to do in the big Greenhouses and I can tell you tomato plants grow quick!
They need to be pruned, hung up so they grow upwards, the area around must be weeded, polynation (repetition every 3 days) … it is not an unpleasant work but at 30 degrees outside you can add around 10 or more degrees inside the Greenhouse.
The work outside on the field is plenty as well, it is planting season.
Beans, Cabbage, Broccoli, Carrots, Corn, Flower seeds … everything is waiting to be set into the ground. But first the fields have to be prepared.
It is not a good summer for Farmers. Everything is dry and some things need to be replanted as they did not manage to grow at all.
So most of all the soil needs to be watered to get anything into the ground.
On other days there are also other things to be done, like mowing grass or reparing something. Lately the chicken coop needed lots of attention, which was a nice change to work with wood and hammer instead of picking weeds from the potato fields.
Stones need to be picked, another Greenhouse prepared for the Cucumbers, sheep shit to be shoveled and this week the sheep needed an injection against worms.
Honey to be made after doing some beekeeping.
Every day at 12 we are all hungry and it is time to go up to the little red house in front of the woods, which by now I share with a few others and lots of flies.
The meals often consist of potato, onion, garlic, eggs and sometimes nettles as we consider those as „Free Food“ as they grow on the Farm and don’t need to be bought from a store.
Afternoons are often filled with lazy movie watching and by now there is almost always a football game playing.
Some days we take the WWOOFers car and drive to the store, as the two of us get 700SEK (which is around 70€) to buy food per week or drive to one of the sourrounding castels around the lake and just explore the area a bit.
From time to time we take one of the boats out onto the lake.
Sometimes we do some Extra- tasks in our free time, like repainting a boat, making paddels and recently we started building a deck for a boat as one of the hosts is a boat builder and always seems to be working on something, good way to learn things.
As we only work five days of the week, the weekends are always left to us completly doing what we want to.
Days grow longer and by now it really almost never gets dark anymore, but still we have not spotted any Moose.
The grey clouds have been looming around for the last weeks and it has been a lot colder, always a slight teasing as everyone is waiting for it to finally rain.
Today is Midsummer and it is wet and cold outside, but by now it has stopped raining.
Time for a walk.

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