Goodbye 2018. (Hello 2019).



It is easy to say that 2018 has been the most adventurous and exciting year of my life so far.
And I somehow wish that I could say, that I am writing these words somewhere sitting on a beach, looking at crashing waves and an outburst of color.
Well actually, reality looks a bit different.
I am actually in Germany at the moment, visiting my Family.
As I have been mostly out and about the past 12 months, visits have been quite spare. So it’s nice to have some time here in my hometown.
Although I do have to admit that I can’t wait for new adventures, but that probably does not fit very well in the whole “Goodbye 2018”- scheme.

So how about I start back at the beginning.
This time last year I was not in Germany, I got to spend my New Year and the days around it in one of the world’s famous cities.
Paris. It was not a sight- seeing trip of any kind but a lucky chance to spend some time with my boyfriend (French), living in a friend’s empty apartment.
After some very rainy and gray days in the City , it was time to go back to my Family again.
But this time with a plan in mind, or more a plane ticket out of Europe.
Nothing about our trip to South America was very much planned, what started and ended in Chile brought us over borders to Argentina, Bolivia and Peru – with nothing but a tent, our feet and a good spirit to travel a cheaper and more thrilling way.
On the road we learned Spanish the hard way, hitch- hiking down South and later up again from day one, crossing deserts and Glacier lakes.
Each day our skins got a little bit darker and I am not going to talk about how filthy we must have been. But that is a story to tell at another time.
All I can say is that I regret nothing about this 3- month trip, my biggest adventure so far.
Chasing the sun, my summer was spent in Scandinavia.
Of course a year of traveling for me, could not pass without a good WWOOF-ing trip.
This summer of endless sun and swims in Swedish lakes was a summer of Farm work and many laughter.
Until then it had been a year of summer and my skin has never been that tanned, my hair never the blonde …
And while I could have easily kept being on the road and exploring different countries and ways of living, towards Autumn we though that it might be useful to make some money in favor of future dreams.
As the idea was sort of born in Norway, known as the best country to make money it was where we started looking.
But one thing led to another and a few weeks later we were on our way to the Scottish Highlands to work in a Coffee- Shop.
And while it was not so much an adventure as a 3 month trip without plans, it was a way to experience a different way of living. And I had always wanted to live abroad.
After the 2 months of running around and serving hot drinks, it was time to leave everything behind again and head for another chapter.
In exchange for mountains and endless “lochs”, we got a city in Christmas spirit. Our way had led us to the city of Exeter, where we ended up working on the Christmas Market for a month selling Moonshine and enjoying the miserable weather.
Before it was time to head home, I got a chance to end my travels of 2018 on the coast of Devon, the waves and sea breeze giving me a taste of what hopefully is to come next year.
2019. Quite a mouthful to put in your mind.
The year I am getting rid of the “10ths” in my age, twenty suddenly sounds so much older than 19.
I have dreams and ideas for what will happen in 2019, but not really any plans yet.
Apart from going to Barcelona in a few weeks.

What happens next … we will see.

Shout it out!

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