A Day at the Coast. ~ England


Sometimes time is literally running through your fingers, and you just have to do the best you can to enjoy it to the fullest.
That is Kind of how I felt like when I visited the coast with my boyfriend as the end of our 4- month trip to the UK.
Up until then we just had been working in two different places and did not have so much time to explore and just do nice Things together, at least not so much for a full day.
We had planned on going back to our families for Christmas, so we only had this day to enjoy the Coast.
We had arrived the previous day from Exeter, but it had been raining heavily all day long.


When we realized after waking up that the sun was shining we were happy and took the walk down to the seaside from where we were staying.
On the way we stopped at a bakery and picked a selection of sweet bakeries that we shared for breakfast, a tradition we had somehow developed over the past trips traveling together.
We found a spot down at the coast line and ate with a front line view of the waves.


The rest of the day we strolled along the coast, which you can do for quite a while in Sidmouth enjoying the sunshine and taking breaks here and there.
We walked up this hill from where you had a good view over the city.
At some point in the afternoon it of course started raining again, but we just went inside a Café and drank a Hot Chocolate, it was time to warm up anyway.
If you ever come to Sidmouth, I would recommend “The Marina” for the evening. The restaurant/bar is directly on the street which follows the coast and has a good selection of stone oven Pizzas! (Not cheap, but normal price for Pizza and as in late December there is not a great selection of places to go.)
It was the perfect spot for us, since we could end our trip with a game of Pool, which is something we do very often.


(Sidmouth, England)

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