Sunny Evening- Walk ~ Ireland


Exploring has always been a passion of mine.
Getting to know new places, walking down foreign streets and discovering what a place has to offer. Taking walks is something I often do on my own, but of course it is also nice to do it with company. While I was WWOOFing last autumn in Ireland it was not very often that the sun was shining.
For everyone who does not know what WWOOFing is, it means Volunteering on Farms in exchange for food and accommodation – and most times a really good experience.
So while I was on this “Farm” in the West of Ireland, I was lucky not to be the only one. We were group of people, from different places and countries.
Most days were grey and most days it was also raining from time to time.
Anyone who has been to Ireland, knows that this is pretty common.


Well this particular day was not just any day.
We had just been struck by “Hurricane Ophelia” the previous day, which luckily had not struck to hard in our area but in the morning we were still without power and running water.
For a while we were busy, clearing up all the damage the storm had caused. Clearing paths from fallen trees and making everything into fire wood.
Funnily enough ít was probably the warmest day so far, we even ended up having lunch outside in the sun, which had never happened before.
The rest of the work time was spend chopping wood and moving stones, which was funnier than it probably sounds.


After we were finished working for the day, together with my fellow WWOOFers I went for a little explore of the area.
We walked up this mountain from where you had a pretty good view of surrounding area.



(West Cork, Ireland)

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