Sundays are for reading books and playing old board games. Sundays are for drinking Hot Chocolate and eating sweets even if you try to stick to a healthier life style.
Sundays are for all those things you have been wanting to do, but somehow have not got the chance so far.
Sometimes Sundays are for browsing Flea Markets and exploring locals parks and hidden places of your City.
And sometimes Sundays are for doing absolutely nothing.
Sundays are for getting up late, so breakfast might as well blend into a late lunch.
And sometimes Sundays are also about not getting up at all. Watching movies and just seeing the world outside from the window still.
Sundays are for lazy days and getting nothing done.
On Sundays it is okay to sometimes ignore everything and just enjoy what ever it is that brings you joy.
Or it is also about not enjoying but taking care of yourself. For letting emotions flow and drowning your sorrows in too many cups of tea while the rain is splattering against your window.
Sundays can be gray days, or days full of color.

And sometimes Sundays can also be just a metaphor.

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