The beginning of a new chapter …


It is never easy to make a decision, especially if they are big. Especially if you are going to spend a lot of money and you can’t be sure about the outcome.
But no mater what, at some point you just have to make even those decisions.
This goes for pretty much everything.
But I am going to start at the beginning. Around last summer I started thinking a lot about wanting to have a Van to travel in.
I had been on the road with my boyfriend on and off for about half a year by then, mostly hitch-hiking, wild camping in a tent and doing WWOOFing and don’t get me wrong, I had the absolute best time.
But it is also really hard. WWOOFing (Working of Farms in exchange for Food & Accommodation) is a great way to have awesome experiences, learn new things and meet other people but it does not really give you the chance to explore a country. Especially without a car.
Hitch-hiking is an even more effective way to meet people, learn a language and you get to see parts of the country you are traveling in.
But it means spending a lot of time next to a road waiting for a ride, always relying on other people which can get exhausting if it does not work.
Wild- Camping in a tent is exciting and sometimes you get to sleep in the most awesome spots next to the ocean under a sky full of stars.
But most of the time it also means sleeping in public parks or under bridges, loud noises of traffic around you hoping you won’t be found.
Spending so much time on the road also means getting to see all these Camper Vans parked everywhere in the nicest spots and the total freedom of going wherever you want.
And so after finding work in Scotland and working on the Christmas Market in Exeter for 3 months and making quite a bit of money the idea started coming more into shape.
A few months forward of thinking more and looking at things, we made the final decision – we started looking for announcement on “LeBonCoin” as we are in France.
Short story, the first one we looked at was in pretty good shape ( + I kind of really liked the colour) and we decided to buy it.

The beginning of a new chapter…

2 thoughts on “The beginning of a new chapter …

  1. So happy for you guys! Can’t wait to see what happens in the next chapters to follow. Hope you continue to be safe and well! Wishing you all the berry best ☺️


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