About Janet

Hello fellow Globetrotters!

My name is Janet and I am 17-years old.
Here at itchyfeetsblog I work with Lenja on the posts, as well as I do the technical stuff. Ok, I just push on buttons till it works out as I want it to.

In my free time I read a lot – most of the time fantasy. I would call myself a real booknerd.  I love to hang around in bookstores or to spend my day in a library. At the rest of my time I  am working as a voluntary for the Youth Red Cross.
And yes, I am a daydreamer. When I am not dreaming about mermaids, werewolfs, witches and demons (& that´s what I´m dreaming a lot of), I dream about traveling and living in a foreign country. Also I am a freak about everything that has to do with myths, old stories and fairy tales! So if you know special places or things I should know, tell me!

My favourite motive to make pictures of are the guardians of a city.
As probably most of you do not know what it is, I´ll just explain it. Guardians of a city are not people, at least not living ones.
So about what am I talking? I am talking about the sculptures on houses or the ones just standing around. Just think about what they saw and what they experienced over the years.

I am not that kind of girl that likes to sit at a sandbeach and does ´nothing´ the whole day. That is not my kind of holiday.
I like to be outside in the nature, or – if I am visiting a city – explore little districts and get to know as much of the culture as I can.
Till know, my travel took me to Slovenia, Romania, France, the Netherlands, Denmark,  Spain and Bulgaria. This year it took me to Sweden, Latvia and later this year to the Czech Republic.

Of course I was in a lot of German cities and in 2015 I was the first time in England – something very special to me which I will never forget.
For me the English language and the culture are something special, probably because of my uncle who is from England.
I hope I can visit England and other parts of the UK as soon as possible again.
Hot temperatures are not my favorite climate, that is why I prefer colder temperatures. We will do a bucket list soon, so you´ll get to know more about that.

If you got any questions left, feel free to ask me what you want to know. Therefore just use one of the ways we offer you in the Contact us page.