About Lenja

I am Lenja, seventeen years old.

I always had a fascination with cameras and taking photos. Since I was a small child I owned many different cameras but am now really content with my SLR.
Janet and I work together on the posts but I am responsible for the quotes (every Monday). We have discovered that she is better with all the technical stuff while I am better at imagining the words to the quotes.
Another feature about me: I like to write and have indeed a huge collection of notebooks with different bits and bobs; short stories, poems … or just To-do-Lists, I like to keep track of everything and my mind is always buzzing with new ideas or thoughts.
As I think you will notice in the future we are both huge book lovers but I tend to lean more towards the fiction side. If can you buy cheap books somewhere I am probably not that far away strolling through the lines picking up books and creating an endless list of books I want to read. At the moment I mostly read English books. All in all I have a passion for the English language and all that.
In my free time I also work as a voluntary in a shop, where they only sell Fair Trade Products.
If I am not reading or outside taking pictures; I will probably be playing the guitar or crafting/ building something.

Just so you know I am infected – ever heard about the travel bug?!
I am always searching for new adventures. I would call myself a nature person who loves to be outside, especially in the mountains or at the seaside; strolling along for hours and hours. Hiking. Camping. …
Beside that I also like to explore cities and get lost to see as much as I can. I love to go to flea markets not only for books but all types of things.
I set myself the challenge to go somewhere new each year. Until now I have been to France, Spain, England, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece and a few more European countries.
In the future I wish to explore the world and follow my itchyfeets.

Hopefully you will tag along,
if you have any questions or thoughts, let me know.