About Me

I am Lenja, eighteen years old and really like travelling and photography.
In the first half of 2017, I graduated from high school and I am now taking one, two (who knows?!) … years to properly spend time to travel and explore more of the world and more of life.
So far I have done long- distance hikes and WWOOFing (farmwork) in Ireland, travelled for 3 months through South America and now I am further up North doing more WWOOFing in Sweden (Scandinavia).

In the beginning this blog was a project with my best friend Janet, as we just had fun to share our travel- adventures and work on this together.
By now, it is just me.

So what is there to say about me?

I have always been fascinated with photography – cameras and taking pictures in general. Since I owned my first camera as a young kid, I worked my way through a few different cameras but I am now very content with my first SLR. (although it has seen it’s best days by now).
Apart from taking pictures, I also really like to write and I always have some kind of notebook close to me (which makes travelling not always that simple). I have notebooks for all sort of things; poems, short stories … the list is long. At the moment I mostly have a travel- journal, where I write about everything that happens while I am on the road.
But of course I don’t only like to write, it probably all started by the fact that I really like reading and always have. Both things, although I am from Germany, mostly happen in English. So with this in mind, it probably is not a surprise that this blog is in English as well. (and I do know that feets actually don’t exist in the English- language)

Although my hometown is Bremen, which is a city with around 566.000 habitants, I would consider myself more as a nature person, who loves to be outside.
Especially in the mountains or at the seaside, so I am pretty excited to spend these years a lot outside exploring different landscapes and different ways of living.

Until now I have been to France (a lot), Spain, England, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Ireland and a few more European countries.
Recently for the first time in my life, I have seen places outside of Europe and have seen a bit of Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru.
For me it is always hard to answer the question of which countries I want to see next, maybe you should rather ask me where I don’t want to go. (Please don’t … I am not sure if I would even have an answer for that.)

In the future I wish to explore the world and follow my itchyfeets!

And yes, I kind of regret choosing that name by now, but hey it is not about the name but about the rest. People also can’t really choose their names, right?!
To me it was always interesting to see the world through the eyes and mind of other people, so maybe you are interested in my version!
Feel free to join me on my adventures.